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Advancing IRA Apprenticeship Programs

Cinterra is one of the few companies in America with registered Apprenticeships approved and validated by the U.S. Department of Labor for building a high-quality career pathway for those in the renewable energy space.  This gives us access to a larger talent pool that is specifically trained for renewable energy focused management positions.

Developing talent across disciplines

At Cinterra, there is no one role that is more important than another as everyone’s contribution is essential to delivering transformative renewable solutions.


We build with passion and expertise that drives consistent quality aligned with client priorities, while maintaining an industry leading safety record.

Project Management

Simplifying complex processes with integrated project management systems ensures seamless delivery of renewable energy projects across America.

Health Safety Environmental

Always safe and always responsible, our commitment to HSE is unparalleled with a leading ratio of HSE professionals per capita in our industry.

Corporate Services

Internal support teams from finance and HR to marketing and logistics work in concert to make valuable contributions to our overall success.

Constant improvement of our tradecraft

As one of the nation’s fastest growing renewable energy contractors with full-project lifecycle capabilities, we are dedicated to training and talent development to expand our capabilities.  Our over-arching goal is constant improvement in all facets of our business and why our center of excellence plays a critical role for consistent quality, safety, and efficiency.


As we lead the way for building utility-scale renewable energy production sites that deliver and store clean-sourced electricity to power America, we must also ensure the continued development of our people. We provide and develop regular training programs to elevate our tradecraft and to protect every person on every jobsite. 


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