resilient grid connections

Comprehensive utility interconnect expertise

Cinterra provides system-wide solutions to modernize critical utility infrastructure for a carbon-free electrical grid and a secure green energy delivery system. We are leading clean energy transformation for electric utility companies, municipalities, rural cooperatives, and EPC partners with a broad range of electrical infrastructure and utility connect services.

Intelligent electrical solutions

We are focused on long-term, sustainable energy delivery — that means building a reliable and safe electrical foundation that supports all clean energy sources. Cinterra holds a public utility license and is recognized as a fully qualified, licensed electrical contractor across the United States.

  • Underground and overhead utility construction
  • Comprehensive electric infrastructure installation
  • Communication networks and automated systems
  • Electric utility and solar interconnect
  • Pole installation and underground drilling
  • Overhead/underground conversion and maintenance
  • Testing, maintenance, and back-up planning

Cinterra knows all the right connections for worry-free utility operations with efficient and reliable power delivery to the grid.

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