every project task
right the first time

All our energy into quality

Quality permeates every aspect of our business. It starts in the back office and how we manage operations through materials management and integrated processes that are the connective tissue for exceeding customer expectations. Our quality processes and training programs are designed to ensure we accurately meet all job requirements.

  • Benchmarking and documentation
  • Internal auditing and third party testing
  • Regular site and functional inspections
  • Data collection and continuous improvement
  • QA/QC protocols continually reviewed

Regardless of project size or complexity, we apply the same standards for quality with timely documentation. Our QA/QC controls ensure we deliver efficiently and the integrity of all functional components. It is a “do it right the first time” mindset that all cinterrians embrace, supported by systems for monitoring and reporting all quality checks throughout the project lifecycle.



“When your project is in the capable hands of the Cinterra team, you can rest easy knowing quality is woven into the fabric of all we do at every stage of a project.”

Full life cycle commissioning

Commissioning is a critical process that is one of our core competencies as it is essential to validating quality of renewable plant operations and the long-term functional state of operation. CinterraON™ are precise commissioning policies centered on assuring high performance renewable plant operations such that all components and systems are tested to meet all operational requirements reliably and safely.  CinterraON is designed to:


  • Improve safety of the plant and quality control
  • Meets relevant grid compliance codes and standards
  • Collect benchmarks for periodic inspections and mainte­nance
  • Validate output for maximum revenue generation
  • Identify and rectify potential issues prior to grid connection
  • Confirm all grid compliance codes and standards are met

CinterraON is a comprehensive process of checks and balances and key procedures that are performed throughout plant construction, installation of functional components and electrical interconnect.

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