a new green standard
with renewable natural gas

Delivering natural gas to the grid as green electricity

Over 20 years in the gas industry, we’ve built and maintained complex RNG systems and installed hundreds of thousands of feet of natural gas pipeline for major utility organizations. Promoted under the Renewable Fuel Standard program, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is a biofuel produced from existing natural resources and transformed as a source of green electricity.2The Cinterra teams builds RNG solutions to support the efficient conversion of various forms of bioproduct that can be transferred into the existing natural gas infrastructure. Cinterra maintains OQ qualifications per PHMSA CFR PART 49-192 regulations and can install eco-friendly RNG systems to reduce carbon emissions that meet all current and future EPA regulations.

NG and RNG construction services

Working with EPCs and major utility organizations, the teams at Cinterra are uniquely qualified and use the most advanced HDD capable equipment available today. Whether installation of distribution mains, new construction, or replacement and maintenance, we offer extensive NG and RNG services.


  • Pipeline pre-construction and construction permitting
  • Natural gas pipeline and processing facilities
  • Compressor and pump stations
  • New main and service lines
  • Extensions and replacements
  • RNG systems to reduce carbon emissions
  • Joint pipeline installations, tie-ins for gas, power, and other utilities
  • Large diameter HDPE pipe installation
  • Horizontal and directional drilling
  • Hydro excavation

Why RNG matters?

Renewable natural gas is largely created from capturing methane, one of the most harmful forms of carbon emissions, before it affects our environment.  As raw organic matter from landfills, farming operations, or wastewater treatment plants decomposes, we can capture the biogas and transform it into pipeline quality natural gas or convert it to clean electricity.  RNG has wide ranging applications for transportation fuel or electric power generation and is an important part of the renewable energy mix.

Cinterra possesses vast experience with RNG and is dedicated to finding new ways to efficiently build RNG capture and distribution facilities.

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