project efficiency
built in at every step

A disciplined approach

Before we even take on a new project, our first step is to determine the most efficient way to deliver all components and phases of a project.  While cost savings is always part of the process, it is not the singular focus of value engineering at Cinterra. We employ a disciplined process for assessing all functional components and resources needed for a project and determine how all can be deployed in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Collaborative review of all design plans
  • Calculate potential efficiency gains
  • Identify potential alternative build solutions
  • Validate timelines and determine changes
  • Determine utility equipment options (quality or cost improvements)
  • Resource and risk mitigation planning
  • Verify budget allocation and accuracy

The team at Cinterra brings significant large-scale renewable and electrical project planning experience with goals to meet all set timelines and avoid cost overruns.

Bottom line constructability is our goal

We strive for “ease of construction” across all major project milestones — the ultimate output of the Cinterra value engineering process. Applying over 20 years of construction expertise and experience as well as the collective knowledge from our management and client teams, we pressure check our own assumptions and every project detail, including materials and individual task assignments.

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