"Cinterrians" are uniquely qualified individuals

Cinterra is comprised of exceptional individuals who embrace a culture that is grounded in protecting the well-being of our teammates, communities, and environment. We invest the time and resources into developing our team with broad training programs that touch everyone from the field to the office. We celebrate diversity while promoting an “always safe” mentality for all Cinterra team members. 


Being a “Cinterrian” means we work with diligence and care for our clients and for each other no matter the task or situation. It means a genuine passion for how we apply our individual skills and collaboration that breeds excellence and success. It means we remain agile and respectful of others, investing the necessary time to listen, drive efficiencies and ensure safety.

Driven by common values and goals

We are an organization that values the unique talent and experiences of every individual – our people, our partners, and our customers.  We take pride in the respect we have for each other and always exercise compassion as we work together to create a cleaner world. 

Environmentally Conscious

We are stewards of the environment who covet our role bringing clean electricity to millions across the nation, we have a responsibility to protect the environment and to ensure sustainable business practices.

People Focused

We are committed to developing our talent and empowering our people to be better every day. We want our people to grow, to learn and to succeed in a manner that directly impacts constant improvement and quality.

Always Safe

We maintain an “Always Safe” approach to ensure we deliver every project in the safest manner possible. Cinterra has one the best safety records in the industry with multiple industry awards and recognition.

Diversity Matters

There is power in diversity of people and diversity of thought. A key to the strength of our company is the diversity of our people’s backgrounds, experiences and the unique perspectives we bring to work with us every day.

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