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Orchestrating construction site logistics

There are many moving parts on a renewable energy construction project that must be carefully orchestrated right down to the final bolt and length of wire.  Clear and efficient logistics planning is critical to on-site productivity, scheduling, resource management and for maintaining site safety.  We’re careful to protect your investment in materials from the moment we take possession by making sure everything is in place and installed properly.


  • Inventory management of all site materials
  • Storage, staging, and routing
  • Resource management and planning
  • Site assessment, access points and security
  • Local regulatory considerations and zoning
  • Equipment access and scheduling
  • Site offices, restrooms, and emergency procedures


Construction site logistics are critical to ensure integrity at every phase of a project. At Cinterra, we manage every detail to remove potential bottlenecks to meet project schedules and completion dates.

A quality fleet means quality construction

At Cinterra, we manage a large fleet including a range of assets from light trucks to heavy equipment that must be properly maintained, staged, and coordinated to meet contract commitments and scheduling demands. As we deploy Cinterra equipment across the United States, we work diligently to ensure all assets are in excellent working order with maintenance teams on stand-by to avoid costly downtime.


  • Asset allocation and distribution planning
  • Regular inspections and preventive maintenance
  • Materials, conex storage, and equipment management
  • Technology enabled scheduling and communications
  • Fuel oversight and fleet tracking


A well maintained and managed fleet is essential to every project as it plays a critical role in meeting timelines, mitigating supply chain disruption, and on-site quality performance.  We are particularly focused on fleet management with a commitment to continual improvement in all processes and new technology.

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