on-site services
and always on-call

Comprehensive O&M services

Providing on-site services that ensure business continuity and allows for worry-free operations is essential, especially when unexpected needs arise. Cinterra employs a fully staffed Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team for site repairs, on-site custodial services, and emergency response.

  • Site/facilities maintenance, cleaning, and waste disposal
  • Solar panel and infrastructure repair
  • Pipe cleaning, leaks, and contamination
  • Turbine repair and replacement
  • Racking and module replacement
  • Cable remediation and wire replacement/repair
  • PCS & Combiner Box replacement
  • DC & AC Terminations
  • Point-of-Interconnect remediation
  • Site inspections and regulatory repairs
  • Equipment retrofits and upgrades

On-call emergency response teams

When immediate repairs or attention is required at utility-scale renewable plants or for underground or overhead utilities, time is often not a luxury. Every minute of downtime can be costly thus Cinterra emergency teams are fully trained and on-call for major outages, break-fix needs, storm clean-up and repair, plant breakdowns, or for any situation when your operations depend on fast response.


Ultimately, getting you back online is a priority, but doing so in a safe and efficient manner is always top of mind for the teams at Cinterra.

Secure utility-scale commercial fencing

Cinterra, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Fortress Fencing, offers a broad range of commercial fencing solutions to meet the rigorous demands of renewable energy sites, commercial, and industrial enterprises. Well-designed site fencing acts as a physical barrier, deterring unauthorized access, protection against intrusion, and a preventative measure for damage, potential theft, and disruption to energy production.

Utility-scale renewable plant operations

As a requirement for all solar and wind sites, proper fencing controls and manages access on the plant site. Cinterra can implement various secure access gates at all appropriate entry points so only authorized personnel can gain entry for management, maintenance, inspections, and repairs.

Industrial-grade fencing

Highly specialized fencing provides security and protection for properties with precise requirements, often in harsh environments where secure access is paramount. This can include factories, chemical plants, utility power plants, warehouse storage, and similar properties.

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