pushing the boundaries
of energy storage

Renewable energy storage perfected

The shift towards renewable energy sources has generated a need for cost-effective storage solutions, especially due to the imbalanced availability of wind and sun. At Cinterra, we build Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) to stabilize energy availability and transmission flow, overcome grid integration challenges, and mitigate risk of power interruption.

  • Turn-key construction through commissioning
  • Seamless integration to various clean energy sources
  • Stabilization of grid transmission
  • Consistent power quality assurance
  • Energy transmission frequency controls
  • Voltage and energy distribution
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance

Cinterra possesses unrivaled knowledge for integrating energy storage as a critical part of the energy production life cycle.

Why BESS for renewable power?

BESS has proven to be far more flexible and cost-effective than traditional grid storage solutions, especially for all forms of renewable energy. Equally as effective in supporting solar and wind generated power as well as converted biofuels, BESS is a highly scalable and efficient storage solution. 



Solar and wind facilities must account for times when sun and wind are not readily available thus BESS’s stored power supplements the grid during dips in power availability and peak energy demand. Cinterra tailors BESS to match the unique needs for each project and to integrate seamlessly with the individual plant power collection and distribution processes for solar, wind, and RNG.

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