in any direction, 
we're drilling experts

Directional drilling with precise accuracy

Cinterra is the nation’s leader for precise horizontal and directional drilling. As a stand-alone service or integrated as part of renewable energy infrastructure build-out, every detail is considered prior to placement of underground pipes, gas lines, telecommunication lines, and water and sewage.



Regardless of the surface, an experienced team of highly skilled specialists ensures pinpoint drilling accuracy with on-site safety and reliability always our priority.


Protect existing utilities and lower environmental risk

Always conscious of the environment, we ensure all local, state, and federal requirements are met. Our project managers and drilling specialists safeguard the integrity of every underground component for complex and critical systems infrastructure. 

  • Horizontal, straight hole, and steerable system drilling
  • Multilateral and under-balance applications
  • Bore planning, profiling, and inspection
  • Product tie-ins, trenching, splicing, re-entries, and terminations
  • High temperature/high pressure applications
  • Continuous drill performance tracking
  • Mud management and disposal

Ultimately, our goal is to reduce drilling costs and to mitigate environmental risk while increasing production. Our integrated directional drilling services include drill conversions, training, underground utility drilling and installation, as well as all support services regardless of the surface or underground environment.

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