On-site removal and
underground excavation

Reliable vac truck services

Cinterra provides vac-truck services for site clean-up, mud management, disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials, and soft utilities excavation. Our fleet of heavy-duty compression sealed trucks allows for small and large volume liquid, non-liquid, and ground waste — offering diverse vac truck capabilities.

  • Soft utilities excavation
  • Directional drilling excavation
  • Waste materials analysis
  • Mud, sludge, and slurry transport and disposal
  • Industrial facility clean-up and site remediation
  • Pipeline jetting and inspection

As with all services Cinterra offers as a company who embraces a “safety-first” culture, we are acutely aware of environmental impacts that may need to be addressed with any excavation or removal engagement.

Industry expertise

Cinterra sets high standards for maintenance and safety protocols for all site remediation and vac truck services including regular inspections, necessary documentation, and equipment certifications. All equipment operators are trained in local, state, federal, DOT, RCRA, OSHA, and SPCC regulations.

Soft utilities excavation

Locating underground utilities is difficult and must be managed with meticulous care to protect underground wiring, piping and tanks, and other underground equipment. As experts in soft utilities excavation, we employ modern location technology combined with hydro and air excavation capabilities to accurately locate and protect underground assets and the surrounding environment.


For any renewable energy facility and all connected utility assets, Cinterra can cost-efficiently handle the most demanding excavation challenges. 

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