a sustainable world
is within reach

Committed to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability lies at the very core of our business. We firmly believe that clean energy is essential to preserving the well-being of our planet for future generations. We will continue to expand our capabilities to deliver renewable energy solutions that reduce carbon emissions and provide sustainable, clean power across North America.



At Cinterra, we are stewards of the environment and active participants in the communities we serve. We embrace our responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint by accelerating our capability to build clean energy production sites that ultimately deliver clean energy to homes and businesses across America.

Our six principles of sustainability

We are committed to making a better human society by delivering clean electricity from sustainable sources.

We will embrace sustainable business practices and continually improve our on-site processes.

We will educate and encourage our people to make sustainable life choices on the job site and at home.

We care about the environment in the communities we serve to make Earth a better place to live for all.

We derive value from the social, economic, and environmental  impact we can make in our industry.

We are committed to  regular assessment of our sustainable practices and to enact the policies we set forth.

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Megawatts of Completed Projects
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