leading America's move
to utility-scale solar

Unwavering reliability
from panel to grid

Cinterra is answering the demand for utility scale solar power with comprehensive capabilities for building solar energy production sites, distribution systems, and storage solutions. As a nation-wide full-life cycle solar contractor, we deploy dedicated teams to each job site with unmatched expertise in all phases of solar installation and construction, including electrical systems, energy storage, and substations.



Combined with technology-enabled project management and guided by a “safety-first” culture, Cinterra teams have successfully delivered a broad range of complex, utility-scale, high megawatt solar projects.


of all global investments in the energy sector are in photovoltaic solar energy, and its share continues to grow.  Cinterra is on the forefront of clean energy development and is committed to reducing carbon emissions with environmentally conscious operations for building all sources of clean electricity.

Quality and safety at every stage

Electrical Solar Construction

• PCS Foundations
• Underground Trenching
• Cable Installation
• Turn-key DC Services
• Medium Voltage Terminations
• Transformer and Inverter
• Installation
• Wire Management
• Commissioning

Solar, Civil & Mechanical Services

• Pile Installation
• Racking and Module Installation
• Security Fencing
• Underground Excavation
• DC and AC Terminations
• Point-of-Interconnect (POI)
• Construction
• Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA/DAS)
• Alternate Foundations

Operations & Maintenance

• Racking and Module replacement
• Cable Remediation
• PCS and Combiner Box Replacement
• DC and AC Terminations
• Point-of-Interconnect Remediation
• Racking & Module Replacement
• Cable Remediation

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