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power distribution

Underground and overhead - power on

Cinterra has decades of power distribution experience providing construction and maintenance services for high voltage underground and overhead distribution electrical systems.  From setting poles to running cable and above and underground lines to utility-interconnect for solar facilities, our teams have decades of expertise in all aspects of electrical utility construction. 

The connection for new installations or conversions

We’re moving power wherever necessary across the United States with teams well-versed in the most extreme conditions or rugged terrain. Qualified line crews are ready to meet any installation requirements and will inspect and maintain distribution infrastructure so when power is on the move, Cinterrra makes sure it stays that way.


Whether new underground distribution infrastructure or conversion of overhead powerlines underground, Cinterra has comprehensive capabilities.


  • Overhead and underground power distribution
  • Installation, repair, full maintenance, and relocation
  • Directional drilling, boring, and trenching
  • Pole and tower exchange and replacement
  • Power duct bank systems, rerouting, and maintenance
  • Underground cable replacement
  • Primary voltage conversions
  • Pulling, terminating, and testing power and control cables
  • Cable fault location
  • 24-7 power restoration services

Emergency restoration

When disaster strikes, the Cinterra teams are always on call. Our fleet of trucks and line crews have experience responding to localized and systemwide outages to reestablish service efficiently and safely.  Whether hurricanes, major storms, floods, or other major outage events, we can respond to downed powerlines, substation repair, and utility infrastructure repair.

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